S*%t happens. Didn't used to. Like when some small off-handed private comment turns into an SNS flame war. Or worrying about not getting enough “Likes”. The Youtube videos you can't watch anymore because somebody complained. Or the apps you can't play because they were rejected by Apple. Once upon a time, the Internet was supposed to be a place for "liberty". Nowadays it's so uptight.

So let's turn off, log-out, and drop in, on the real world. The Internet Yami-Ichi is a flea market for “browsing” face-to-face.

Take your own Internet liberties* here, with us.

* But no dangerous or illegal goods, please! This black market wants to remain free and useful!

  1. May 21, ✌016

    ¥ерный рын☺к «Ями-Ичи» in Москва
    Площадь промышленности ВДНХ, Moscow, Russia

  2. May 20 - 22, ✌016

    Int☺rn☹t ¥ami-☝chi in L☺nd☹n
    TATE Modern, L☺nd☹n

  3. April 9th, ✌016

    Int☺rn☹t ¥ami-☝chi in Du$$€ldorf
    NRW-Forum Dü$$€ldorf, Germany

  4. Octorber 10th, ✌015

    "Micro" Int☺rn☹t ¥ami-☝chi in New Orlean$
    the N€utral Ground, N€w Orl€an$, LA

  5. August 19th - September 12nd, ✌015

    World Wide Yami-ichi Weeks
    The planet earth

  6. September 12th, ✌015

    Int☺rn☹t Yami-☝chi(Black Mark€t) In New York
    Knock Down Center

  7. September 5th, ✌015

    Int☺rn☹t Yami-☝chi(Black Mark€t) Linz, Austria
    Ars Electronica

  8. August 29th, ✌015

    Int☺rn☹t Yami-☝chi(Black Mark€t) Taichung, Taiwan
    National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

  9. August 29th, ✌015

    Int☺rn☹t Yami-☝chi(Black Mark€t) Seoul, Korea
    통의동 보안여관

  10. May 9th and 10th, ✌015

    Int☺rn☹t Yami-☝chi(Black Mark€t) In Amst☮rdam
    De Brakke Ground

  11. 2014/9/28

    Internet Yami-Ichi in Brussels, Belgium
    Les Ateliers des Tanneurs

    Photo by iMAL

  12. 2014/8/03

    Internet Yami-Ichi 4
    SIAF 2014 at TV Tower, Sapporo

  13. 2014/2/02

    Internet Yami-Ichi 3
    Transmediale 2014 at HKW, Berlin

  14. 2013/6/30

    Internet Yami-Ichi 2
    Kaibutsu Inc. Tokyo

  15. 2012/11/4

    Internet Yami-Ichi 1
    Trans Arts Tokyo 2012. Tokyo