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Internet Yami-Ichi in London

at Tate Modern, as part of OffPrint London Fair

20, 21, 22 May, 2016

20, Friday: 6 - 10pm
21, Saturday: 12 - 8pm
22, Sunday: 12 - 6pm

On 20 - 22 May 2016**, Internet Yami-Ichi (Internet Black Market) will take place at Tate Modern as part of Offprint fair. It will showcase up to 20 local and international artists working mainly in digital and net based practices exploring the potential of online art IRL (In Real Life).

The Internet Yami-Ichi (Black Market**) is a weekend flea market which deals “Internet-ish” things, face-to-face, in actual space. Both flea markets and the Internet are fanatical and chaotic mixes of the amazing and useless.

Past vendor wares include rejected iOS apps, glitch, digital publishing, embroidered clothing, and the right to be hugged by an Internet idol. It’s up to you how to interpret “Internet-ish things.

The Internet Yami-Ichi is a celebration, where together we experience the afterglow, off line, as the “buzz” of the Internet wears off. After visiting Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam, Linz, New York and more, Tate Modern in London is the pinnacle of all Yami-Ichi’s.

We are very excited and hope that you will join us in making this the best digital event of the year!

To register please go here and fill your details.

*Fair opening hours:

Friday from 6-10pm / Saturday from 12-8pm / Sunday from 12-6pm

Participating artists will have to be present during these days. On first day should arrive 2 hours prior to set up.

** Do not sell things that may harm visitors or other participants. Illegal items are prohibited.

The event will be held at Tate Modern, vendors are ofcourse not allowed vandalize, harm or mark the space ‘For the sake of Art’. Avoid things that may harm or offend others, such as a strong smell or works with a racist naturel.

We reserve the right to cancel your participation (without a refund) if we find your work to be of that nature.